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Which is the best electric scooter for you

Until now, our electric scooter guide has always come with the caveat that it was illegal to ride anywhere in the UK other than on private land or unless you were using an e-scooter rental company. Following the announcements in the Queen’s Speech, we now know that that micro-mobility in the United Kingdom is about to change.

It has been announced that e-scooters are set to become road legal in the upcoming year. The news was foreshadowed by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps towards the end of April when he was asked by a fellow member of the Commons Transport Committee, Ben Bradshaw, when this change would happen. Shapps rather unambiguously replied, “I shall announce it on 10 May.”

We’re here now and the move means that electric scooters will soon be legal on UK roads. However, the announcement also detailed the requirements these scooters must meet, with restrictions on speed and safety features including automatic lights. These restrictions previously applied to road legal rental e-scooters in the UK.

A relatively safe, emission-free and extremely convenient way to travel, electric scooters can be used by a wide cross section of the population who maIn the session that pre-empted the legalisation announcement, committee member Ben Bradshaw highlighted the “convenient, cheap and environmentally friendly” nature of electric scooters as key factors in favour of legalisation. However, on the other side of the argument was fellow Conservative Party MP Simon Jupp, who highlighted there has been 900 collisions and 11 deaths involving e-scooters in 2021.

Responding to Bradshaw and Jupp, Shapps stressed his desire to “crack down on the illegal use on roads of non-compliant e-scooters,” and this is that plan in action.

If the incoming new rules inspire you to consider your first micro-mobility purchase, then it is worth taking a look below. We’ve rounded up the top electric scooter picks around, from value picks to long-distance models.y not be able to cycle, and will reduce cars on the road, cutting air pollution.

What’s the best electric scooter in 2022?

The best e-scooter for long commutes is the beast, the Dastrad Viper. It is heavy but it can also go for 80 km, purring along city streets and eating up hills.

T4 Pro is the best e-scooter currently available, thanks to the combination of large battery, impressive range and power management. It’s comfortable to ride and the app connectivity offers great rider insight, but don’t plan on carrying it for more than a few minutes.

The  Dastrad M8 Pro is the best value e-scooter available with  great styling and impressive features, range and power, plus the additional detachable seat. This product is designed in the Uk and is priced lower than any of it’s competitors and is the must have electric scooter of 2022 & 2023

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