SWFT Zip 500w 48v Retro Cool Electric Bike


The SWFT Zip 500w 48v Ebike is the definition of retro cool and is ideal fit for riders 5’5′ and up

With its 6 speeds, high performance fat tyres and responsive suspension shock-absorption make for an ultra-smooth ride for all terrains. The convenient detachable battery takes you up to 37 miles on a single charge while the LCD display, mounted headlights, front and rear and reflectors equip you with everything you need to pave your way.

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500W  Motor

Powered by a 500w 48v brushless rear hub motor for a faster, effortless bike ride

48V 10.0AH Lithium-Ion Battery Removable & Waterproof

We wanted a power source that allowed for longer rides. We decided on our waterproof, 48 volt lithium batteries. These batteries have 10.0AH and have the capacity to take you up to 37miles on a charge. It is detachable and rechargeable. Locks to secure and detaches for convenient charging

LCD Display

The LCD display to show your speed, tracks your  mileage and turns on your lights for night time riding

4.0 Fat Tyres

The fat tyres are 16 inch with substantial tread that grips mud, sand, snow while the thick tread glides over concrete, tarmac and rocky terrain

6 Speed

The 6 speed gives you the best range of gears and means that you can shift to a larger cog for uphill riding and to a smaller cog for high speeds. In combination with the pedal assist system, you can adjust the speed to complete your journey.

Front Fork Suspension

Alloy front suspension with 70mm travel

Disc Brakes

Mechanical disc brakes with 160mm rotors

LED Front Light & Rear Light

Waterproof and high lumens LED front light and rear light, operated via the LCD

Twist Throttle

The half twist throttle allows you to maintain speed without the need to pedal


Long seat to ensure comfort throughout your ride.