Dastrad Frike Ebike


The Dastrad Frike Ebike is designed for everyday riding. Whether you’re looking to commute to work, to go for a leisurely or looking for muddier adventures.

The powerful 350w, 36V 10ah motor is quiet, fast and has five PAS modes coupled with throttle only, for when you are tired of pedaling.



350W Brushless Motor

Its max output 350w allows you to run at speeds up to 30mph

36V 10H Battery  Removable & Waterproof

We wanted a power source that allowed for longer rides. We decided on our waterproof, 36 volt lithium batteries. These batteries have 10AH and have the capacity to take you up to 40 miles on a charge. Its also removable for easy charging inside. Charging time of just 5-6 hours.

Smart Computer

The smart computer gives you all the information you need. Programmable for different speed options in your five power assist modes, to recording your speed when on throttle only to logging the miles you’ve done.

26 Inch Tyre

The 26 inch non slip tire, offer great riding in all terrains

Shimano 21 Speed

The shimano 27 speed gives you the best range of gears and means that you can shift to a larger cog for uphill riding and to a smaller cog for high speeds. In combination with the pedal assist system, you can adjust the speed to complete your journey or can be ridden with no electric requirements

Front Fork Suspension

Alloy front suspension,  with preload adjustment and lockout.


Equipped with 180/203mm front and rear hydraulic disc brakes.

LED Front Light

Waterproof and high lumens LED light on front, controlled by a switch on the handlebars makes night time and early morning riding much safer and enjoyable.


The half twist allows you to accelerate without the need to pedal or to maintain speed

Ergonomic Seat

The suspension seat is designed for comfort and is especially made for pressure relief and shock absorption to ensure total comfort for the rider.